Finally – the Garden Grows

By Patricia Zick @PCZick Robert worked outside from early morning until the light faded from the yard over the weekend. Each night, he came inside with hands covered in dirt and a bent back after hours of leaning. But the smile on his face told me the physical hardships did nothing to dampen the sheerContinue reading “Finally – the Garden Grows”

To Feed or Not to Feed

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I know it seems sweet to feed birds in the park or on the riverfront walks in cities. I probably did it at one time myself. But if you want to feed birds, do it in your own backyard using food that will help them. Audubon gives some great advice onContinue reading “To Feed or Not to Feed”

Update on the Ducks

Today when I went for the mail, I noticed the female mallard still sitting on her nest, but a pit bull came into the yard (not sure from where) and disturbed the nesting mother. She came out of the nest and began her quacking and marching around the nest area. She seemed to have itContinue reading “Update on the Ducks”

The Saga of the Mallards Continues

A couple of nights ago, our doorbell rang. When I answered it a young boy, around ten years old, stood on the front porch hopping from one foot to the other. His dad stood behind him. “My dog came into your yard and found duck eggs in the bushes out there,” he said pointing toContinue reading “The Saga of the Mallards Continues”

The Real Mallards of Raccoon Township

My own backyard as the setting of the next biggest reality show to hit the airwaves since Love in the Wild, I imagined. Since there’s a reality show for everything and anything, why not follow the antics of those wild and crazy mallards wandering in our yard and garden in recent weeks? It started innocentlyContinue reading “The Real Mallards of Raccoon Township”

Night falls in Raccoon Township

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick My  husband bends over the soil, gently poking his onion seedlings into the ground. His concentration on the task rivals the greatest of Zen masters. He’s in a race to beat the rain hanging heavy in the dusk of day. Birds swoop low to the recently filled feeders. I imagineContinue reading “Night falls in Raccoon Township”