#Gardening Update

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Things are moving slowly here in the Zick gardening world. Robert has gone out and covered some of the raised rows so they won’t get too wet to work. The seedlings are straining in the grow lights, but he was able to put them outside yesterday for a few hours of sunlight. I walked around the yard this morning and saw little signs of spring from the buds on the lilac bushes to the tulips and daffodils peeping up out of the ground. The plants are yearning as much as we are to burst out into the sun, but we’re all hesitant in case it snows again. It’s going to be a slow spring.


Spinach is usually in the ground by now. In 2012, we were blanching and putting away in the freezer by the first of May. Last year was another slow spring, and the spinach didn’t produce as well. Fortunately, I’m hoarding six more bags of frozen spinach from 2013.

What’s going on in your garden?


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2 thoughts on “#Gardening Update

  1. Just getting ready to put our peas in the ground. We might lose some to rot with the rain – on those years we have to plant a couple of times to get a good crop. Not even thinking of anything else yet for the vegetable garden. Daffodils are out, periwinkle groundcover is gorgeous, one of my rhodos is in full bloom. Spring is here.


    1. You are doing well there–we have nothing blooming yet. Perhaps that good if we get something today. From today on, weather looks beautiful. Peas, spinach, onions, broccoli go in the ground, hopefully.


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