#BP Oil Spill Four Years Later

Deepwater Horizon well BP oil spill 2010
Deepwater Horizon well BP oil spill 2010

Almost four years after Deepwater Horizon caught on fire and opened up the well that gushed millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, some of the long term effects are being felt. BP’s oil spill may be with us for many decades to come. Let us not forget the lessons learned. Safety standards must be followed and enforced.

oiled wildlife during BP's oil spill in 2010
oiled wildlife during BP’s oil spill in 2010

NWF Gulf Wildlife Report EMBARGO 2014-04-08

In 2013, I published the novel Trails in the Sand, which begins on April 20, 2010, the day of the BP oil spill. The novel chronicles the race to save sea turtle hatchlings as the oil approaches Florida’s beaches and lands in the sea grasses that serve as home to the infants for months before they venture further into the sea.

Loggerhead hatchling 2006 Photo by P.C. Zick
Loggerhead hatchling 2006
Photo by P.C. Zick

I ended the environmental part of the novel with hope that perhaps the barrels of oil dumped into the Gulf of Mexico dispersed enough to save wildlife. It’s disheartening to read what I probably have known all along in my heart.

To celebrate Earth Day 2014, which ironically shares the same anniversary date with the BP oil spill, Trails in the Sand is only .99 cents for the #Kindle version during the month of April. I hope you enjoy reading this novel of love and redemption.



Click on the cover below to go to the Amazon purchase page.

Trails in the Sand - Oil spill, sea turtles, and love
Trails in the Sand – Oil spill, sea turtles, and love

Published by P. C. Zick

I write. It's as simple and as complicated as that. Storytelling creates our cultural legacy.

9 thoughts on “#BP Oil Spill Four Years Later

      1. =/
        It is kind of a miracle there is any life at all in the Gulf, really. Not just with the big reported spills but even with the routine stream of pollutants going in daily.


  1. I can’t remember which oil spill I heard about recently, but it was said that the spill was worse than they originally thought. I think it was the one you’re talking about. It’s scary how our water keeps getting polluted. I wonder if at some point we’re going to reach a point of no return.


    1. And to me it’s simple – follow the safety standards and quit cutting corners, and enforce the standards in place. I find it maddening that people and our environment are sacrificed for the dollar. I guess I’m naive to think we can live without doing that. But if we don’t, we (our future “we”) may not live at all.


      1. I know. It’s disgusting how the bottom line is always the dollar. There is no end to some people’s greed. Enough is never enough. All their riches don’t seem to make them any happier than anyone else!


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