Don’t Try this at Home

Subtitle: I must be nuts.

It began as a cloudy rainy Saturday. The crisper overflowed with vegetables we couldn’t possibly eat this weekend. And another kit of home brew (American pale ale) awaited brewing. For a few sane moments, I thought about breaking the tasks into a two-day event.

But it was the Siamese love squash that changed my mind. When I found this beautiful double summer squash in the garden this morning, I decided I could do everything and anything. I blanched broccoli and green beans and put up several bags of each. I began making zucchini relish and then decided the beer would be a breeze in the middle of all this.

As the beer threatened to boil over, I discovered the zucchini relish made more than I anticipated so I quickly found another jar and did a speedy sterilization process burning my hand in boiling water in the process. My husband came running from the garden to assist, but the wort for the beer was already boiling over.

It’s now calm, and I have put up 7 pints of relish, 5 gallons of beer sits cooling in the sink. We’ll put it in the fermenter in fifteen minutes.And I need to start scrubbing the stove top.

I am so much in the mood to do nothing! But now it’s time to pack up a picnic and head down to the boat for the evening’s fireworks on the Ohio and Beaver rivers. Here’s hoping I can stay awake for the festivities.

Life in the garden here in Raccoon Township may seem dull until you live it.


Published by P. C. Zick

I write. It's as simple and as complicated as that. Storytelling creates our cultural legacy.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Try this at Home

  1. Umm,zucchini pale ale? We’re gonna have to get you a professional style cooktop Pat. Hope your hand is mending well.


  2. I don’t think I need any more cook top space! I was taking pics yesterday while I made the beer, too. I’m going to blog about that soon. I’ve been meaning to tell you about our adventure with beer making! So far this summer we’ve put up a summer ale, a Belgian ail and a Tripel Belgian, a Russian Imperial Stout and an Imperial Pale Ale. I have one more to make after this one and it’s an Imperial Pale Ale. We do it now because our basement is the exact temperature we need for brewing during the summer. You’ll have to come for a tasting!


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