New Release: “Mountain Miracles” by P.C. Zick and guest post “A Canvas for the story”

I wanted to share with you this piece posted my colleague’s blog about the setting of my latest romances. I hope you enjoy reading about why I chose the Smoky Mountains as the setting for my sweet romances.


mountainmiraclesnewI’m a devoted fan of P.C. Zick’s novels and have invited her over to my blog several times. So for her new release, which I haven’t been able to read just yet, here is a post written by her about the setting. This is particularly interesting to me, because, like P.C.Zick, I’ve moved recently and have chosen the new environment as the setting for my next novel. Great minds think and work alike…


By P.C. Zick

Setting plays the role of parent in the fiction I write. It creates, nurtures, and supports the plot, conflicts, characters, dialogue, and actions. It serves as the canvas on which I create a verbal painting.

From the beach to the mountains, from hurricanes to snowstorms, from southern drawls to Yankee nasal tones, setting defines what I write.

When I moved to a cabin in…

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I write. It's as simple and as complicated as that. Storytelling creates our cultural legacy.

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