This blog is wonderful – I nominated it for most Inspiring last week. Beth at West Virginia’s Farm to Consumer Connection blog puts it all together in this post.


What is sustainability?

Based on a simple concept that everything we do depends and affects the natural environment, sustainable living helps nurture that environment to keep it healthy for future generations.  If we do not keep the health of the earth in mind, we will end up getting sick along with our environment. If you are concerned about the national economy, take some steps on a personal level and local level to live more sustainably, and the costs to clean up our messes will go down. We hear a lot about how toxic some areas of the earth have become, and I know I feel pretty impotent to help. Then I remember the wonderful expression “Think Globally, Act Locally” and I realize there is much I can do right here in my own home and town.

Stewardship is a word often used when discussing sustainability. When I was a Girl…

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