#DeepwaterHorizon-Using Reality in Fiction

  They’ve now made a movie about Deepwater Horizon (Click here to see the trailer). I heard an interview with the director, Peter Berg, and he said he didn’t focus the movie on the environmental impact but on the human lives lost. That’s good because the explosion on that oil rig killed eleven men. ThisContinue reading “#DeepwaterHorizon-Using Reality in Fiction”

One Wild and Wacky Job

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I hesitated to fill out an application for days after I saw the advertisement for a public relations director with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The ideal candidate’s qualifications could have been pilfered from my resume. Yet still I hesitated before I applied. Did I really want toContinue reading “One Wild and Wacky Job”

Sea Turtle Love

By P.C. Zick @PCZick Several years ago, I gave birth on Matanzas Beach, Florida  — to a sea turtle. And now that little baby is swimming in the Atlantic having beaten incredible odds so far. If the hatchling survives to adulthood — it takes thirty years for a female to reach maturity — it willContinue reading “Sea Turtle Love”