Clothes to Help the Environment

Hello – I received an email from fellow blogger Betsy Wild over at What’s Green With Betsy?  She shared with me a very worthwhile project by her daughter, Amy Wild. Please visit her Kickstarter site to help fund her environmentally wise fashion project. Here’s Betsy’s message: “My daughter is a sustainable fashion designer.  Her clothingContinue reading “Clothes to Help the Environment”

January Gardening?

By Patricia Zick @PCZick The seed catalogs appear in the mailbox daily now. Today we ordered seeds for broccoli, brussel sprouts, radishes (both red and the long white variety), lettuce, Swiss chard, parsley, basil, and flowers. However, the catalogs came a little late for onions. After consultation with Llewellyn’s 2013 Moon Sign Book, my husbandContinue reading “January Gardening?”

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick I challenge you to take this eye-opening Ecological Footprint quiz to take that will tell you how many earth’s it would take to offset your carbon footprint. I’m at 3.3! I could stop traveling. We probably need to install more water-saving devices in our home. We have an oil furnaceContinue reading “What’s Your Carbon Footprint?”