We’ve been in Florida since November. The time has flown as we’ve been taking back a house that had been a rental property for six years. We tore out the kitchen and replaced it with new cupboards, counters, and appliances. We painted most rooms and had renovations done in the bathrooms. And thenContinue reading “FLORIDA GARDENING”


The garden started in March by building raised beds on the side of a hill are still producing! Tomatoes, winter squash, and lima beans grace our┬átable. Although the butternut and Queensland Blue are there more for decoration right now.   Next on the agenda: ┬áThe Florida garden. We’re in the process of heading to ourContinue reading “GARDENING IN OCTOBER”

Slow Start to Garden

It’s been a slow start here in western Pennsylvania after a tough winter. My husband has been preparing the soil and raised beds for a few weeks. The seedlings are growing under grow lights. He puts the trays outside each day for a few hours of sun, if possible. This weekend, he finally put theContinue reading “Slow Start to Garden”