Kitchen Love

By Patricia Zick @PCZick This past weekend we put up seven quarts of Italian sauce from our tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic and basil. See my post “The Tomato – Luscious and Delicious for the process and recipe. This is our third year for preserving the harvest from our garden. We’ve developed a rhythm for ourContinue reading “Kitchen Love”

The Tomato – Luscious and Delicious

By Patricia Zick @PCZick We’re eating tomatoes with every meal and still the windowsills in our home are filled with the beautiful red bounty of summer. The tomato is one of the most versatile of vegetables because it’s fantastic raw, but it’s also a wonder for turning into a myriad of sauces and dishes. AsContinue reading “The Tomato – Luscious and Delicious”

Zucchini Madness

By Patricia Zick @P.C. Zick It starts innocently enough. The beautiful blossom and then a medium-sized zucchini perfect for quartering and putting on the grill with other vegetables appears one day in the garden. A few more are on the vine the next day. Then one day (like yesterday), I go to the garden andContinue reading “Zucchini Madness”

The Gardener’s Aphrodisiac

By Patricia Zick @P.C. Zick My husband Robert lives and breathes the garden almost the whole year. During the winter he’s planning and drying the seeds from the previous year’s bounty, such as he did this year with the potato-leaf tomato seeds. When the first of the beefsteak-size tomatoes began ripening this week, I’ve neverContinue reading “The Gardener’s Aphrodisiac”

Bread & Butter and Cheap Vinegar

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I’ve been canning off and on for the past thirty years, and it seems each time I put something up, I learn something new. The other night I canned seven jars of bread and butter pickles using a recipe in Ball’s Blue Book guide to preserving (page 49). They didn’t specifyContinue reading “Bread & Butter and Cheap Vinegar”

Enjoying the Bounty

By P.C. Zick @PCZick I spent last night in a whirlwind in the kitchen. I decided it was time to use up all the bounty in some way. My husband picked broccoli in the morning because the rabbits have discovered the leaves of the plant and love to munch on them. We had a bagContinue reading “Enjoying the Bounty”

An Almost All Homegrown Dinner!

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick Last night we managed to eat a meal, mostly provided by our garden, with a table graced with flowers from plants and herbs gone to seed, along with a very few wild irises growing at the edge of the woods in our backyard.The tall purple flowers are radishes; the longContinue reading “An Almost All Homegrown Dinner!”

Raspberries and Spinach

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick We spent Memorial Day weekend trying to get all the plants in the ground. My husband started all the plants from seeds beginning in February. Some of those original seedlings traveled from Key West all the way back to our home near Pittsburgh encased in wet paper towels and heldContinue reading “Raspberries and Spinach”

The Challenge: Eat one meal per week made from local food

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick The thumbs and hands of a gardener are not green, but brown from the soil encrusted on them after planting a flat of tomato seedlings. My husband Robert grows food for our table, and when it overflows the plates, I find a way to preserve the abundance for the monthsContinue reading “The Challenge: Eat one meal per week made from local food”