I wrote the essay that follows two years ago after attending a football game between Notre Dame and the University of Pittsburgh. This past weekend the two teams once again took the field in Pittsburgh, and I asked my husband if it had been Notre Dame fans who almost ruined one of our few visitsContinue reading “STOP THE BULLYING”

#Bullying and #Football

I like rooting for the home team. I want them to win, but I don’t hate the opposing team and their fans. We decided to buy last minute tickets to the University of Pittsburgh versus Notre Dame game. Our tickets plucked us right down in the South Bend, Indiana, home base at Heinz Field inContinue reading “#Bullying and #Football”

#Pittsburgh Made Me A Sports Fan Once Again

By Patricia Zick @PCZick Sports Fan? “No way,” she said before she moved to Pittsburgh. This is a tale of a woman who rebelled against her upbringing with four older, and athletic, brothers. For years, I hated sports because they took most of my family away from me on weekends and holidays. They might haveContinue reading “#Pittsburgh Made Me A Sports Fan Once Again”