Here’s something you can start at home without much effort. You might have all the ingredients right at your fingertips. We start with either a plastic or metal garbage can for the outdoors bin. But for the kitchen I’ve used many different containers with a air-tight lid, until recently. When visiting a friend, I spottedContinue reading “THE ART OF COMPOSTING”

It’s Growing! #gardenlove

My husband rushed to put all of his seedlings in his newly built garden bed before we headed to Florida for a few weeks. The light began fading from the day as he tenderly placed the last plant in the soil he’d been preparing for a few weeks. And then the heavens opened up. HeContinue reading “It’s Growing! #gardenlove”

Happy #Earth Day – Pay Dirt – #Composting

Happy Earth Day 2015! Celebrating Earth Day is a little bit like giving canned goods to the homeless at the holidays as if that’s the only time the food is needed. Same with Earth Day. We get all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about doing things to help the environment, but then May comes along, andContinue reading “Happy #Earth Day – Pay Dirt – #Composting”

Turn Earth Day into Earth Year

By Patricia Zick @PCZick This week we celebrate the forty-third anniversary of Earth Day. The original Earth Day came as a reaction to several events that occurred in the preceding year: an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara and a river catching on fire in Ohio. Today we need to remember more thanContinue reading “Turn Earth Day into Earth Year”

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick I challenge you to take this eye-opening Ecological Footprint quiz to take that will tell you how many earth’s it would take to offset your carbon footprint. I’m at 3.3! I could stop traveling. We probably need to install more water-saving devices in our home. We have an oil furnaceContinue reading “What’s Your Carbon Footprint?”

Composting – Using Household Waste to Create Filthy Rich Dirt

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick I’ve been composting kitchen waste ever since I had a small rooftop garden in my efficiency apartment in Ann Arbor in 1979. Since then I’ve composted on a 20-acre homestead, in an urban backyard and behind the shed in my current home in Pennsylvania. It’s a simple process and begins withContinue reading “Composting – Using Household Waste to Create Filthy Rich Dirt”