I’m pleased to announce the release of a collection of Christmas short stories, Bright Lights and Candle Glow. You can download this anthology for FREE! This collection from eight talented authors boasts short stories set during the winter holiday season. These tales encompass sober themes, heartwarming messages, and uplifting endings, appropriate for the winter seasonContinue reading “ENJOY A LITTLE HOLIDAY CHEER”

Minty’s Kiss Lives On

  I hope to start writing a romantic Christmas novella this month. This story, Minty’s Kiss, will be released in a box set with other authors, and all the stories will feature pets–nice, sweet Christmas stories starring a lovable pet. Only one pet came to mind when I signed up to participate in this box set.Continue reading “Minty’s Kiss Lives On”

Happy Sixty to Me

Today I turn sixty. How did I manage to live this long when it all seems to be a blur that spun me around so quickly I’m dizzy? I don’t feel sixty. I keep telling myself the number doesn’t matter. It only matters if I allow it to matter. I do know this birthday moreContinue reading “Happy Sixty to Me”

Love Like Jesus

By Patricia Zick @PCZick Today many people in the world are celebrating Christmas. We open our presents; we visit with family; and we eat too much. For centuries, this time of year resonates with celebration from Hanukkah to winter solstice. But the actual celebration of Christmas began as a way to honor the birth ofContinue reading “Love Like Jesus”

My Birthday Story

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I’ll admit today’s post is highly self-indulgent and probably borders on sheer fiction. But it’s my birthday, and to paraphrase Lesley Gore, I’ll write anything I want to. This is the story of my birth as told to me by people no longer around to dispute my account of it. AllContinue reading “My Birthday Story”

Christmas Traditions

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I grew up in a family steeped in traditions during the holidays. This year, for various reasons, I almost didn’t put up a Christmas tree. Since we won’t be in our home for the actual holiday, we decided it best to not go to the local Christmas tree farm and cutContinue reading “Christmas Traditions”