Asparagus – First Vegetable of Spring

  We had a real treat last night. We ate the most delicious steamed asparagus–picked fresh from our garden only moments before. Robert planted the asparagus crowns in a bed at the end of our garden two years ago. This makes its third season and the first one for harvesting. For the best results, it’sContinue reading “Asparagus – First Vegetable of Spring”

Slow Start to Garden

It’s been a slow start here in western Pennsylvania after a tough winter. My husband has been preparing the soil and raised beds for a few weeks. The seedlings are growing under grow lights. He puts the trays outside each day for a few hours of sun, if possible. This weekend, he finally put theContinue reading “Slow Start to Garden”

Spring Garden Update

By Patricia Zick @PCZick As I sit on the balcony writing, my husband passes by on the tractor, pulling a wagon filled with the compost bin and some manure, and garden tools. He stops near the raspberry plants desperately climbing higher and higher to catch some of the sun that’s been playing hide and seekContinue reading “Spring Garden Update”

Raspberries and Spinach

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick We spent Memorial Day weekend trying to get all the plants in the ground. My husband started all the plants from seeds beginning in February. Some of those original seedlings traveled from Key West all the way back to our home near Pittsburgh encased in wet paper towels and heldContinue reading “Raspberries and Spinach”