Raising Independent Children – and facing the consequences

By Patricia Zick @PCZick What was I thinking when I thought putting myself out of the parenting job meant the ultimate success as a parent? The greatest piece of parenting advice I’d ever received, I liked to brag. Several years back, my daughter called me to give me some news. She was newly graduated fromContinue reading “Raising Independent Children – and facing the consequences”

The Alzheimer’s Journey: From mathematician to artist

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick Note: Today, April 1, 2012, would have been my oldest brother Marvin’s 74th birthday. I wrote this essay soon after his death in 2009 and thought it important to remember that Alzheimer’s takes many different paths. Alzheimer’s breathed a new life into my brother, Marvin. I made this jarring observationContinue reading “The Alzheimer’s Journey: From mathematician to artist”