Two Moons in Africa

TwoMoonsTwo Moons in Africa is the story of Barbara and Brent Swan who are thrust into the middle of political intrigue and terrorism in Angola in 1990 when Brent is kidnapped by Angolan rebels. Two moons – two months – represents the amount of time he was held hostage, but the real terrorism for both of them has lasted two decades. Two Moons in Africa creates a haunting picture of the effects of terrorism on the lives of innocent people.

Barbara and Brent contacted me in 2004 and asked me to write their story of two decades of suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was honored to be able to help them heal and in the process write a book about terrorism, the U.S. quest for oil in foreign countries, and the conflicts in an African country torn apart by centuries of foreign interests raping the land of all its precious resources.

Brent told me on the day of our first interview, “When you take me into the jungle, you must bring me out at the end of the interview.” Thus began a journey that took us all into the jungle, but brought us all out on the other side.

Please note that prior to 2010, I wrote under the name of Patricia Camburn Behnke.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Jan. 4, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A poignant look at a terrifying past, a recollection of a sixty-one-day ordeal, and a life haunted by the effects of terrorism unfold in acclaimed author Patricia Camburn Behnke’s Two Moons in Africa: Barbara and Brent Swan’s Story of Terrorism. Readers will not want to put down this memoir once they begin reading.

Suffused with different emotions, Two Moons in Africa relates the story of Brent Swan’s abduction by Angolan rebels, who held him hostage for sixty-one days in 1990. But the story doesn’t end with his release as Brent and his wife, Barbara, face the reality of life after a terrorist act. It took thirteen years for even one of his kidnappers to come to trial, forcing the Swans once again to live through Brent’s journey into a dark and dank jungle under the scrutiny of young rebels wielding AK-47s. This memoir creates a haunting picture of the effects of terrorism on the lives of innocent people.

Through this absorbing account, readers will know and understand about the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), by reliving the events like the Swans encountered. They are faced with reliving the traumatic event repeatedly for nearly two decades through nightmares and disturbing memories. As a result of the harrowing experience, they suffer extreme anxiety and distress that leads them to more complicated mental and emotional conditions. This book clearly depicts how PTSD disrupts the life of its victims. Thus, Two Moons in Africa not only relates a story of love, of country, of people, and of rebels, but also of how the victims of terrorism and similar instances suffer after their distressing experience — and how they are treated.

Readers relive a life-threatening past and experience terror in a memoir that one will never forget.

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