Florida Fiction Series

Three novels set in the sunshine state with wild and wacky characters from destructive developers to radical environmentalists. The truth lies somewhere between the two with the journalists and residents who seek solutions.

Contemporary Romances – From Sweet to Steamy

Behind the Love

Four slightly steamy novels set in the fictional town of Victory, Florida. The characters live and love in the small town where most of them have spent their entire lives. Four couples with their unique stories form a complete picture of a community bonded together through friendship and love.

Rivals in Love

The Crandall family of Chicago with six siblings who have sacrificed love for their careers. But in this seven-book sweet romance series, the four brothers and two sisters find romance and success. The parents–powerhouses in their own right–end the series with their story of rekindling passion after forty years of marriage.

Smoky Mountain Romances

Another sweet romance series set in the fictional town of Laurel, North Carolina, these four books follow the lives of the folks who have found a way to form their own families–not always of blood, but of their choice.

Montauk Point Romances

Two steamy romances make up this series set in the Hamptons. Passion erupts when two best friends from Pittsburgh find love on the waves of the Atlantic and two architects build the homes of all their dreams.

Third Base

A baseball romance with plenty of steam. Set in Pittsburgh a CEO and a professional baseball player find they have more in common than they ever could have imagined.

Live from the Road

A Route 66 travel novel. Four women on an odyssey down the fabled road lined with magic and potholes.



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