All right. I have a confession to make. I love beer. Now that it’s out in the open, I can confess that not only do my husband Robert and I share a love of the suds, but we’re also homebrewers and seekers of other homebrewers turned into craft brew entreprenuers. Let me clarify our loveContinue reading “CONFESSION TIME – HOPPY TALES”

January in the Smoky Mountains.

After five days of staying in our cabin as the wind, snow, and ice played outside, we ventured out this afternoon when the sun came out and blessed us with fifty-degree temperatures. We headed over to Fires Creek Recreation Area where Fires Creek meets up with Leatherwood Branch and Falls. It’s a lovely spot veryContinue reading “January in the Smoky Mountains.”


Fame is fairly easy to achieve these days with the advent of social media. Criminals post their whereabouts on Facebook and even post video of the criminal act on YouTube The fame that might ensue entices and lures them to stupidity. I’ll admit I’ve yearned for fame as a writer, but these days I’ll settleContinue reading “BRUSHING UP AGAINST FAME”

Serendipity at Sixty

Next month a milestone birthday visits me when I turn sixty years old. Sixty? Are you kidding me? How can I be sixty when I still feel thirty? I’ve become more intro- and retrospective this year because I know for sure I’m beyond what we refer to as “middle-aged.” And I’m not sure how itContinue reading “Serendipity at Sixty”

Odyssey to Myself – #New Release

I named this blog “Living Lightly” because that is my intention every single day of my life–to live lightly. I didn’t start out with the lightest of hearts. I’ve had to travel down many roads to arrive where I am today. Perhaps the most traveled decade of my life occurred from 2000-2010 on a physical,Continue reading “Odyssey to Myself – #New Release”

Living #Diego Rivera’s A Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the #Alameda Central

Our first full day, Sunday, in Mexico City brought us to the Alameda Central seeking a late lunch and the Museo Mural Diego Rivera. We found both with unexpected pleasures. It took us a little while to find a restaurant serving authentic Mexican food. We passed three Burger Kings, two KFCs, a Pizza Hut, andContinue reading “Living #Diego Rivera’s A Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the #Alameda Central”

Crabs and Writing

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from writing regular blog posts. I suppose I could blame it on summer. Having more daylight hours means having more things to do, such as gardening, boating/kayaking, and golfing. The garden isn’t doing much these days because the added rainfall has made thingsContinue reading “Crabs and Writing”

The Horses of Assateague Island

By Patricia Zick @PCZick We traveled to the Maryland seashore recently, which allowed us to discover the wild horses of Assateague Island. We saw a movie about them in the visitor center. The horses roam the marsh seeking food and run on the beach to escape the mosquitoes. A nature walk led us to theContinue reading “The Horses of Assateague Island”

Glaciers create landscape drama

  By Patricia Zick @PCZick When my daughter visited me recently, I wanted to show her some of western Pennsylvania’s landscape without driving very far. Serendipity intervened by delivering to my mailbox “The Sylvanian,” the Sierra Club’s Pennsylvania chapter’s magazine. An article on Slippery Rock Gorge offered me a solution. A forty-mile drive from Pittsburgh,Continue reading “Glaciers create landscape drama”

Home on the Range

By Patricia Zick @PCZick I began my writing life as a reporter for a small town weekly newspaper. It was a great place to start because the job required I learn to do everything, including taking my own photos. I just wanted to write, but as we’ve become a society in love with the visual,Continue reading “Home on the Range”