Saving Florida’s Springs One Drop at a Time

[Originally published in Florida Wildlife Magazine, July/August 2010 issue. Photo of manatee taken at Wakulla Springs, Florida in November 2009.] By P.C. Zick – @PCZick Cave crayfish move out of the fissures in the limestone 100 feet underwater. The least killfish, the smallest vertebrate animal in North America, searches for snails among the waving tapegrass,Continue reading “Saving Florida’s Springs One Drop at a Time”

No Birds Sing – A Fable for All Time

The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing. John Keats (La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 1819) By P.C. Zick – @PCZick Imagine a world where the birds no longer sing from the treetops; imagine a world where the trees no longer tower above our heads; imagine a world where life is death.Continue reading “No Birds Sing – A Fable for All Time”

Who is Rachel Carson?

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick (Note: This is the first of several blogs devoted to Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring, which was published 50 years ago.) “All mankind is in her debt,” said Sen. Abraham Rubicoff  in 1964 after receiving the news of Rachel Carson’s  death. Yesterday, when I said I was researchingContinue reading “Who is Rachel Carson?”

Coral reefs damaged by Deepwater Horizon oil spill

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick It’s been almost two years since the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico began gushing oil after the BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded. These days, folks remark about the exaggerated reports of damaged and dead habitat and wildlife. After all, we’re eating the fish again from the GulfContinue reading “Coral reefs damaged by Deepwater Horizon oil spill”

Bats Lose in this Court Case

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported today on a disturbing ruling by a judge in Beaver County, PA. A family is suing a drilling company over a contract signed in 2005. They feel they signed the contract under false pretenses. This week they asked that the company  stop felling trees onContinue reading “Bats Lose in this Court Case”

Power – Cheap, Easy, and Hidden

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick We all want power. Today, our lives depend heavily on power. Try going a day without using it. We want it cheap and easy, but we’d rather not know its dirty little secrets. For many decades, coal ruled as the energy source of choice for powering up the power plantsContinue reading “Power – Cheap, Easy, and Hidden”

Be Kind to Wildlife – Let Them Be Wild

By P.C. Zick – @PCZick Sometimes the kindest intentions can end in the cruelest results. As a public relations director with a state wildlife agency, I often fielded calls at all times of the day and night from residents. “There’s a bear in my back yard,” one distraught woman told me late on a SaturdayContinue reading “Be Kind to Wildlife – Let Them Be Wild”