Eagles Soar in Wisconsin Thanks to Endangered Species Act

Originally posted on The Badger and the Whooping Crane:
Here are four good examples of why people seem to love the Endangered Species Act: the Bald eagle – an enduring symbol of the U.S. of  A.; the Louisiana Black bear – which long ago provided the inspiration for the toy “teddy bear;” the magnificent Humpback…


A weekend spent enjoying the wonders of where we live helped fight the anxiety of the past few months. Nature always rejuvenates me and inspires me to continue. If the bald eagle, the great blue heron, the white ibis, and the anhinga can survive the loss of habitat and invasion by humans, then I can surviveContinue reading “NATURE WORKS MAGIC”


 After spending the past five years in the north, I am happy to return to the place where I lived for so many years in north Florida. We spent some time this past weekend taking advantage of nice weather while sending some of our warm thoughts back to those of you in the throes of anContinue reading “WINTER SOLSTICE CHEER”