The Behind the Love contemporary romance series features sizzling attractions, dramatic confrontations, and intertwined and complicated lives. Set in the fictional small town of Victory, Florida, friends fight and love and form families of their own choosing. Each story is a stand-alone read with recurring characters.

Behind the Altar, Book One

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Blush level – slightly steamy

“Behind the Altar by P.C. Zick is a romance with excellently drawn characters and marvelous chemistry between them.” ~Christoph Fischer, International Bestselling Author


Leah Bryant lives a quiet life helping others. When her future mother-in-law, Geraldine, threatens her causes, she’s left confused by the hypocrisy and befuddled by a stranger who roars into town on a Harley.

Dean Davis never wanted to return to his hometown. But when his father dies, he knows he must return and faced his mother, Geraldine, and his ugly past. When Leah discovers the stranger is the brother of her fiancé that she’d been told was dead, she’s drawn to him and furious about the deception. Both are bowled over by an intense attraction to one another. The magnetic pull draws them into a passionate embrace within minutes of meeting one another.

Leah’s controlled life and Dean’s emotional barriers both shatter and force them to examine their lives. Leah must choose between her safe engagement to Dean’s estranged brother, Jacob, and a dangerously passionate affair with Dean. And Dean must confront the demon from his childhood, his mother. Dean’s fear of loving and Leah’s need for security pull them together, rather than apart.

But none of it will matter if they can’t stop Geraldine, an unhinged woman on a destructive course to abolish everyone who opposes her thirst for power. When Dean and Leah, along with Jacob, threaten her, she goes on a rampage to destroy them all.

Behind the Bar, Book Two

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Blush level: barely steamy

“I highly recommend this novel–heck, this series–to readers who love romance and the exploration of interpersonal relationships, particularly when the lead characters have to drag along such tremendous baggage. It’s a fresh take on the romance genre, and one well worth reading.” ~Amazon Review


Susie Williams yearns for a romantic wedding with her boyfriend of five years. Reggie Barker runs from demands to marry any woman, including Susie.

After the wedding of their best friends, Reggie resists Susie’s hints about marrying. He suggests they take a break. An angry and heartbroken Susie kicks him down the road and into the arms of the voluptuous Sally Jean. After Susie is mugged, she discovers Reggie’s gambling debt brought the thugs to Victory to scare him into paying. With her love for Reggie in doubt, she is tempted by a rich publisher and reconsiders her options. Meanwhile, Reggie starts to realize Susie means more to him than the tavern he owns, more than the gambling he’s hidden, and more than any other woman he knows.

But it all might be too late for Susie, who begins to unravel a mystery from a night long ago when Reggie and all the other characters played a pivotal role in her life. And before Reggie can commit to marriage, he must come to terms with a father who abandoned marriage many years earlier Both Reggie and Susie must learn to trust each other before love can ever survive a second chance.

Behind the Curtain, Book Three 

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Blush level:  barely steamy

Behind the Curtain is a lively read right in step with the times. Lisa’s reunion with her small hometown forces her to take a look at what she really wants for her future. As she navigates the demands of her role in the reality show, she learns the reality of her friendships and discovers the true love of her life. P.C. Zick engages the reader in the twists and turns of the close knit community. ~Kathy Conley, reviewer


Lisa Williams has discovered a way to achieve her life-long goal of becoming a famous actress by bringing a reality television show to her hometown. Tommy Jackson despises the idea of exploiting the town and hates it even more when his editor assigns him to cover the show for a Tampa newspaper.

Lisa and Tommy have known each other all their lives. Tommy even dated her baby sister, Susie back in high school. But he’s not her type, and her values disturb him. Besides, when she returns to town, she comes with her boyfriend, Jet, who will also star in the television show. When Sally Jean makes an appearance on the show, the producer falls in lust with her, and Lisa worries that Sally Jean will be made the star of the show. Tommy is disgusted by Lisa who seems intent on dragging her family and friends through painful memories in her pursuit of stardom.

When Tommy’s mom is diagnosed with cancer, Lisa shows a different side to her character. Sitting with Mrs. Jackson during her final days gives Lisa a perspective on her own life she’s never had before. Tommy and Lisa are drawn to one another through the real-life tragedy unfolding. But first they must deal with an out of control Jet and reality show producer who want to exploit the small town even more as they see the potential of showcasing some of the more famous of Victory’s citizens, such as the fallen football star, the criminal publisher, and a tattoo artist turned farmer. Mrs. Jackson and Lisa’s sister Susie share in the circle of life to bring this dramatic romance to a bittersweet end.

Behind the Door, Book Four

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Blush level – slightly steamy

“It was very easy to follow this wonderful story of love, sadness and pain with a little insight to PTSD and how it can effect people. Well worth reading.” ~Amazon Review


Sally Jean Compton is in love. And this time it’s with a man who isn’t in love with someone else. Dr. Brett Gorman arrives in Victory to help the veterans of Deer River with PTSD symptoms. When tragedy strikes, neither Sally Jean nor Brett are prepared for what happens next.

The shocking aftermath of the terror of PTSD untreated leaves the entire town of Victory reeling. But none are more affected than Sally Jean and Brett who must deal with their own pasts and the trauma left behind. When Sally Jean seeks out the expertise of Dr. Brett, the psychologist of the river folks, they discover an intense attraction that leads them both to learn about themselves.

But before anything happens, Sally Jean must learn she deserves to be loved, and Brett must forgive himself for the death of his friend and his sister, his wife. It’s a rocky journey to love.


Smoky Mountain Romances

I began writing my Smoky Mountain series soon after moving to southwestern North Carolina. I didn’t intend to set the first one, a Christmas novella, in my new location, but the mountains called to me.

Minty's Kiss draft 1_edited-1Minty’s Kiss

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Blush level: None at all, unless you blush at unashamed sweetness.

Minty’s Kiss is one that pulls at your heart strings. Little town folks with big hearts. You know you have a gem on your hands when you have the readers wishing the story was a full-length novel, so you could explore the characters even more. ~Goodreads Review

When Molly retreats to North Carolina with Gracie, her ten-year-old daughter, she’s surprised to find her childhood crush, Nick, still living in the area. Months before her retreat, Molly’s husband announces he’s leaving to sail around the world with his best friend. She divorces him and takes Gracie and Harold, her seventeen-year-old cat, to the Smoky Mountains where she spent many happy childhood vacations.

The morning after her arrival, Nick shows up on her porch, and he is even more handsome than she remembered. She feels the flush of her adolescent crush heating up. But first, they must find Harold after he runs out the cabin door and into the woods.

When Nick discovers Harold lying dead at the base of the tree where Molly always went to read as a child, they bury him. A broken-hearted Gracie and Molly return to the cabin and discover a gray furry kitty under the porch. Gracie names him Minty

Gracie refuses to believe her father won’t come back for them, so she resents Nick spending time with her mother and tries her best to pull them apart. Can a small kitty named Minty help Gracie accept the love developing between Nick and Molly in time for her first Christmas in the mountains of North Carolina?

Minty’s Kiss is a sweet romantic novella, filled with holiday cheer brought to life by an adorable kitten.

MISTY_MOUNTAIN_smallMisty Mountain

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Blush level: None – very sweet romance

“I absolutely loved this novel. P.C. Zick has a way of making her characters come alive and her storyline so believable and enjoyable, the reader quickly is absorbed into the novel past the last page.” Avid Reader, Amazon Review

When Lacy and George begin dating, each of them keeps a shield around their hearts. Lacy’s been hurt so many times, she’s afraid to let another man come close. George, reeling from a bitter divorce, doesn’t trust women for fear they’re all like his ex-wife.

Working together at Misty Mountain in a small town in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains creates its own set of problems, especially when the ex-wife moves into town. Lacy’s family history causes further complications when too many want to remind her of her sister’s bad reputation and subsequent death.

It’s a complicated mess, but the attraction between Lacy and George keeps them coming back to simpler solutions. If they can put down their shields long enough to discover the love growing between them, then nothing will stand in their way to finding happiness.

MountainMiraclesMountain Miracles 

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Blush level: Only sweet kisses – no blushing

“This sweet story is filled with the feelings and desires of a first true love relationship. Add some family drama and mystery and you have a recipe for a story that reminds you of your own first love.” Colleen Chesebro, Silver’s Book Reviews

Mountain Miracles once again brings back some of the beloved characters from Murphy, North Carolina. Two newcomers come to town to start new businesses. Sissy’s dream has always been to own her own business so she sets her sites on opening a coffee shop, right next door to David, who is also trying to start a new business — a small town newspaper. The two are undeniably attracted to one another and join a partnership of sorts to help one another get started. But life has different plans for these two who may have to give up their dreams in order to fulfill past obligations. With the help of Fran, they begin to hope that all is possible.


A Merry Mountain Christmas

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Blush level: So very sweet it will bring cavities!

“This story is well done. It is filled with competing questions and situations.” Dave Parker, VINE VOICE

A Merry Mountain Christmas stars none other than Fran, the woman who has been a mother to all of the characters in the previous books. In this Christmas novella, it’s Fran’s turn to find love. She reunites with her first love and finds a passion for rescuing cats and dogs. This inspiring story shows its never too late to find love.

And Still More . . .

third baseThird Base

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Blush level:  Steamy

“With great charm, humor, and sensuality, veteran author P.C. Zick gives us not only characters we really care about, her knowledgeable use of authentic, locker room baseball lingo throughout makes this very well-written romance novella a wonderful read. Five stars!” ~ S.R. Mallery

When Adriana Moretti meets baseball star Tomas Vegas, she’s surprised by his kindness. While Tomas puts all his energy into winning the World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates, he’s thrown off his game by the brilliant and beautiful Adriana, who owns a multi-million dollar business she started with her late husband. She’s determined to carry on his legacy, but she doesn’t expect to fall for the handsome Puerto Rican Tomas. His supermodel ex-girlfriend and Adriana’s tightly-knit Italian family threaten to tear them apart, which causes Tomas to disappoint his team and Adriana to ignore her business. The more they’re pulled apart, the more they yearn to be together.

LoveontheWindCoverOriginalLove on the Wind – A Montauk Romance Book One

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Blush level: Steamy

“I have read quite a few of PC Zick’s books and this is my favorite by far. While written a little racier than the others, it sets the tone for some sexual tension between Jeff and Kiley that is palpable. P.C. Zick has a way of drawing you into the fold and having you invested in the ins and outs of finding love on the wind. A great read to take to the beach and finish in one sitting, leaving you waiting for the next book!” ~Amazon review

Six years of traveling for her television series has left host Kiley Nelson longing for a place to call her own. Spending a weekend at her girlfriend’s beach house is the perfect reprieve, especially when she purchases property to finally settle down. But her peaceful escape is shaken when she smashes into a car containing the sinfully sexy and infuriated passenger, Jeff Hammond, who immediately melts her heart.

Jeff, staying at his friend’s Montauk home to relax after a trying week of building a home for a spoiled diva, doesn’t count on sharing his weekend with the flaky, yet incredibly sexy, Kiley. He agrees to build her house, despite the tug on his heart as Kiley turns him on in every delicious way.

Passionate weekends and shared dreams begin to shape the house they start to build together. As their relationship deepens, so do the wounds from past hurts, rousing ghosts from Jeff’s traumatic past. When a summer storm rolls in at the nearly complete house, they’re forced to deal with the past before it shakes and cracks the very foundation they’ve built.

JingleBellCoverOriginalJingle Bell Love – A Montauk Romance Book Two

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Blush level: Steamy

“I loved this story. The story was steamy, but I still felt deeply invested in both Denny and Jill and their personal stories. The steaminess between them seemed to escalate organically and add that fun and risque touch, but not at the expense of the readers investment in their story. My first question after reading it was, “Will there be more stories about Denny and Jill?” – Thanks PC for another great ride – I miss them already!!!” ~Amazon review

Denny and Jill find themselves lustfully drawn to one another. When friends disapprove, they hatch a pact to be friends with secret benefits. When those benefits explode into something more than primal urges, one of them breaks the pact, and the whole affair and friendship ends up unraveling as the holiday season approaches. This steamy romance jingles all the bells for the Christmas season.