Click here for your free copy of essays on the women of Cross Creek by P.C. Zick.

Welcome to the Living Lightly blog, which is my outlet for posting about nature and living a life of simplicity. 

I write about life and love; I write about wildlife; I write about the environment; I write about climate change; I write about my love of outdoor activities, from gardening to kayaking. In this blog, I express my philosophy for thoughtful living on this planet whether it concerns other human beings, wildlife, or the changing environment.

Living lightly and responsibly are my goals. And through my writing and photography, I hope to express the importance of laughter, passion, and love. 

Please visit my website, P.C. Zick, Author/Editor,  for my ramblings on anything and everything to do with the world of publishing and writing. I interview other authors and write book reviews, when the spirit moves me to do so.

Check out From Seed to Table – Growing, Harvesting, Cooking, and Preserving Food, the book I wrote with the assistance of my husband, Robert, the master of the garden. Click here to download some a few sample recipes from the book.

Click here for your free copy of essays on the women of Cross Creek by P.C. Zick.


  1. What an amazing blog you have started. I loveove your philosopy and love your writing. Your entries are all thought provoking and are written with an obvious love and passion for your world. Looking forward to reading more….much more!!


  2. “Thoughtful living”… I love this and believe it to be the golden rule. Your writings are filled with passion and express so well your thoughtfulness. I’m blessed to know you.


  3. I like your blog posts and your philosophy. What are the novels you have written? And what was the independent study program you did on social media and the web? I’m interested in both!


    1. Hi Betsy –
      My novels can be found on my website at My first one released on Kindle is Live from the Road. I downloaded a couple of books from Kindle, took a webinar from Writer’s Digest (maybe two of those), and I purchased some books that have been semi-helpful. Please email me at and I can give you more specifics. I’m challeneged today with a new computer I’m setting up! Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog!


  4. Hi P.C. I am nominating you for TWO awards: The Beautiful Blogger Award and the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I have not posted my posts as yet but I am notifying you so you can get a head start. You know the drill! Congratulations!


  5. What a nice , welcoming blog/place – I felt instantly at home, and look forward to future visits!

    I have a question about your Florida time – particularly with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: wondering if through that, you may have had any contact with or news about the whooping cranes that were re-introduced to Florida as a non-migratory flock in the early 90s? Or the migrating whoopers that (every year since 2001) are trained, as chicks, to migrate by following ultralight aircraft to wildlife refuges on the gulf coast?

    Best wishes to you and all your endeavors.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I wasn’t directly involved in the ultralight aircraft but I kept up on it because I lived only 30 miles from the wildlife refuge which is managed by the feds. They kept a pretty tight circle on who could come down there during that time (with good reason), but I worked with some biologists who had the privilege of working closely on that successful project.


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