#WATWB – NYC to Build 90 New Homeless Shelters in Five Years

Hello – The news is filled with plenty of the negative these days, but there are many stories out there of folks doing positive things to make a difference in our world.  As a result, I’m participating in We are the World Blogfest with other bloggers who want to bring some light to our world and share news of hope.

The hosts for the March #WATWB are Belinda Witzenhausen, Lynn HallbrooksSimon Falk, Sylvia McGrath, and Damyanti Biswas. Please visit their blogs and read the good news they have to share.

I found an article that warmed my heart. We need to do more to help the homeless in our country, and here’s a model for other communities published on the Good News Network. Read the entire story here –  New York City to Build 90 New Homeless Shelters in Five Years – Good News Network

This is just one part that impressed me about this program:

The initiative also calls for opening shelters in existing buildings over the next five years. In total, 90 new shelters will be established across the five boroughs. The city would also renovate and expand 30 existing shelters, according to a report released by the mayor’s office.

With more than 60,000 people in NYC shelters currently, progress will be “slow and incremental” says the Mayor.

What do I like? New shelters opened, existing shelters renovated and expanded, and using old buildings that are vacant to provide shelter for homeless. Instead of tearing down buildings, let’s use them to good use–if it’s possible to renovate them for safety and comfort.

Good news indeed.

What can you do? Share this post on your social media outlets. Visit the other blog hosts for today’s first monthly event. And become a part of #WATWB!

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