MountainMiracleA dear friend called me this morning. After catching up for a few minutes, she mentioned that someone was driving her to doctor appointments. She mentioned “he,” and before I could ask her about it, she said, “Yes, I have a ‘he’ in my life. And it’s serious.”

Let me tell you about my friend, Ginny. I met her at the gym when I lived in the Pittsburgh area, and we were in the same Tai Chi class. I noticed her immediately. She was beautiful, even in her gym clothes. Her hair was always perfectly in place. She wore tastefully applied blue eye shadow and jewelry. Often, she wore a scarf tied around her neck. Slender and graceful, she worked out and went to exercise classes, often imparting her positive attitude on others.

She radiated happiness and gave me such a boost during some very difficult times while I struggled through health issues of my own and those of my husband. On my worst days, I still rose and dressed as nicely as possible remembering Ginny’s words that looking nice helped make the world better. I know she always made me feel better.

She’d been widowed for a long time, but had never shown any interest in any man though they flocked to her. She didn’t think she’d ever find love again. Did I mention that Ginny is eighty-four years old?

Eighty-four years old, and she’s found love again. “It’s the love of my greatest dreams,” she said. When I asked his age, she hesitated.

“He’s young. Very young,” she said. Then she giggled. “He’s sixty-six.”

Her daughters don’t like it one bit since he is close to their ages, so she hesitated to tell me.

I cried at her news—absolute tears of joy.

“Love knows no bounds,” I said. “Nothing matters if you love one another and you make each other happy.”

Really, what else is there?

A wedding looms. They plan to elope. Now how sweet is that? Love at any age is love for all ages.

love hands

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I write. It's as simple and as complicated as that. Storytelling creates our cultural legacy.


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