When the one you need most is no longer there–

Please read this poignant post from fellow author and blogger. Pass it along. You never know what might happen. I know that Facebook found a kidney match and donor for a young woman in Tampa a few years back. Thanks to that one share, she lives in good health today.

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

Challis.LV.rainbowLV Jordan and Challis Gibbs 

I have not lost the person dearest to my heart, but I imagine how difficult such a loss must be when the one person who could help moderate your grief is the one who is no longer there.

Since my niece’s death in 2014, LV Jordan, my niece’s long-term partner and wife of two months, has struggled with kidney disease that threatens her life. She has a supportive family and many friends, but she is still grieving for the one who could best comfort her. LV’s kidneys–earlier judged to be perfectly healthy–failed one month after my niece’s memorial service.

LV seemed amazingly strong and composed through my niece’s pain and decline, but caring for a loved one often affects the other’s health. Now she desperately needs a kidney.

I must tell you about this remarkable couple. I wish I had a copy of their first photo together, featured in the fashion section of The Washington Post. The year was…

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