Living Every Day as Thanksgiving

What's a few warped books?

What’s a few warped books?

Some days are harder than others, but when we can put our life in perspective, the world turns.

Yesterday as I prepared for the holiday, I received a call from my daughter. “I’ve got some bad news, Mom.” My heart sank. It’s not a call you want to receive, and those are words you never want to hear.

It seems books I’d had mailed to her place in Florida for two upcoming book signings had arrived. Only the mailman decided that the best way to deliver to her apartment would be to leave the box in the parking lot on a day of torrential rains in northeast Florida. She sent a photo of the books, and my heart sank to see those babies of mine all warped and useless. I fumed; I fussed; I used the “f” word in more ways than I did in this sentence.

And then sometime this morning in the wee hours of sleeplessness on how to proceed, it came to me. They are books. They are things that can be replaced. My daughter, my husband and others I love cannot be replaced.

San Antonio River Walk November 2014

San Antonio River Walk
November 2014

Today I am grateful for both the health of my husband and myself. We’ve had a hell of a two years, but now we’re out on the other side of it. You never know to appreciate your health until it’s no longer there.

I am one proud Momma of a very talented, thoughtful, and kind daughter. What more could a parent wish for when the longest and most important job in our life begins? I’m amazed that I had anything at all to do with this generous and conscientious human being.

There are so many people and things for which to be grateful this season and every day of the year. I plan on celebrating them all, even the damp books that may simply get donated to someplace that doesn’t mind reading material not quite in pristine condition.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the United States. And to all the rest, just a simple Happy Days. May you find peace wherever you may be.

With gratitude,


6 thoughts on “Living Every Day as Thanksgiving

  1. I believe all of us confront these types of issues on a daily basis. The ability or the gift of placing priorities on our emotional responses guides our level of our joy of life. Barring chemical complications our brains are ours to control. Get over it and get on with it. Good post, thank you.


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