Ionized Water – Fad or Necessity?

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Tyent Water Ionizer

The best thing since sliced bread, so my husband said. It’s healthy, and it will change our lives, he added.

I wasn’t convinced and wanted to take my time to consider. But one day, when I returned from the gym, he’d already made the decision to buy a premium water ionizer. We’ve both been sick during the past year, and my husband wanted to do everything he could to get us back to health.

I just wasn’t sure I believed in the miracle enough to spend $2,000 on such an unknown piece of equipment. Turns out, I didn’t have to consider anything. My husband, who is an engineer with a specialty in treatment of water contaminated by mining activities, made the decision for us.

After a day or two of pouting and figuring out how to pay the bill, I started coming around. It began with the first taste of the water. I’ve always said water isn’t supposed to taste. However, I’ve learned that water treated by municipalities can still have  contaminants that can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted, which is the case with the water that comes out of our faucets. It tastes fine and there is no smell. However, the water can still have organic and other contaminants. I’ve been ordering spring water for several years for our drinking water, and for cooking we were filtering our tap water in Britta pitchers.

Water that goes through the ionization process concentrates some important elements in the water, such as calcium and magnesium, as well as removing those things that are bad for us in the carbon and ceramic filters. And what is left is a water that feels thick on the tongue and tastes rich. It’s might be hard to imagine—I know I couldn’t before I tasted this water, but it’s very evident. Anyone who visits our house is first given a glass of the water, and folks are amazed at the (2)

So all right, it makes water feel and taste like a plain milkshake without the calories or flavor. What else does it do?

To bring me over to his side, my husband began printing out articles for me to read. I’m not a scientist so most of what he gave me went right over my sweet little blonde head. Finally he found a simplified report, and I’ve simplified it even more for your benefit.

First, I am speaking of ionized water that uses electricity to produce this water. It is not alkaline water produced with non-electric methods.

Here’s what I’ve gleaned from the simple documents I asked him to print for me. I didn’t want the specs, the scientific terminology and symbols, or the jargon scientists throw around like a beach ball.

“Just give it to me straight,” I said.

So here is my “giving it straight” to you.

  1. Ionized water has smaller water molecules making the water more easily absorbed. In other words, it hydrates better. People drinking ionized water have reported they don’t feel as thirsty. I’ve always been an avid water drinker, and I think I’m noticing a difference. My dry, chapped winter lips have disappeared in the month since I started drinking the ionized (1)
  2. Ionized water contains antioxidants thus reducing the chance for free radicals to invade and age us. It’s hard to tell from my photo here, but I’ve actually gone back ten years for every day I’ve been drinking this water (please note my sardonic tone here).
  3. The alkalinity and oxidation/reduction potential of the ionized water is an important component of a healthy diet. Most of us eat lots of acidic foods so the balance gained from drinking ionized water and eating foods high in alkalinity, such as many fruits and vegetables, rewards us with good health. I have no way of measuring this. I do feel better these days, and I have more energy than I ever had, but I don’t know if this is because of successful treatment of a virus or from the water. Maybe it’s a combination of both.
  4. Through the two-step filtration process contaminants are removed and in the ionization process, water becomes oxygenated. Note the bubbles in my glass of water. Oxygen is always a good thing as it promotes increased energy, better sleep, and memory enhancement. I can’t measure this either. I know I’m full of energy these days and grateful and aware of what good health means.

    tiny bubbles
    tiny bubbles
  5. Public water systems, such as the one that provides our water, add lots of contaminants to get rid of other contaminants. The ionization process puts the tap water through a two-filter system, which ensures all contaminants are removed and what is actually going into my body is alkaline and oxygenated water.

    white hose is dispensing of contaminants
    white hose is dispensing of contaminants

My husband bought Tyent Water Ionizer  after researching several companies. I’m not endorsing the Tyent system as the only one, but I know it’s working for our purposes.

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts and experiences. I’m slowly converting to my husband’s side as I stop aging, run a marathon, and remain disease free.

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2 thoughts on “Ionized Water – Fad or Necessity?

    1. I’m not sure it’s a fad in the traditional way (yet), but my husband sure acted as if he was jumping on a bandwagon! See if you look into it now, you can be on the cutting edge like us. Wonder how many other cliched terms I can fit in the comment?


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