Coffee and a Chat

Good morning,

cropped-dsc01310.jpgI’ve been busy these days. The yard and garden work is nearly finished for the season. We’re eating cabbage, potatoes, and brussel sprouts from the garden but the rest of the yard is covered in snow. I have flower pots scattered around the yard needing attention. And the bird feeders need washing and filled. We don’t put them out when the garden is in full production because the bird seed attracts lots of wild animals to our yard. Instead we plant plenty of sunflowers so the birds feast on those seeds. But now it’s time to give our little feathered friends a bit of a treat.

This morning while my husband and I drank our coffee before starting the work day, he was poring over the seed catalog that came in the mail yesterday. And the cycle begins all over again. I’m spending time revising From Seed to Table and preparing it for a paperback release by January. S2T-6

My busyness these days involves my writing life. Today I stopped by a fellow writer and blogger’s site for a chat and a cup of coffee. Annamaria Bazzi has been hosting these Roundtable chats, and mine is #22.

Check it out to see what’s been occupying my time these days:

What’s going on in your garden as winter makes its sudden approach?


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