Freezing Spinach

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

The spinach is almost done before it started this year. We had such a short window of opportunity for spring that the spinach bolted very quickly. I’ve already frozen nine bags and we’ve eaten several meals from this year’s crop. We probably have another ten to twelve bags to freeze.

spinach beds 2012

spinach beds 2012

I told a friend I froze spinach, and she wondered what I did with frozen spinach. We eat it! We heat briefly in the microwave and serve as a side dish. We use it in recipes such as Greek pizza and lasagne – both recipes are included in my new book From Seed to Table. cover - lst draftI outlined the steps in From Seed to Table for freezing spinach starting with blanching it first. If you’d like to have the rest of the book on your Kindle, I’m offering the book for free on June 13 and 14. The regular price is $2.99. Here’s an excerpt on preparing spinach to freeze.

Blanching and freezing spinach

Note: the blanching steps may be followed for most vegetables with variation in the time the vegetable is in the boiling water. The recipe below preserves as much of the vitamins and taste as possible. Our frozen spinach is green and tastes “almost” like we’d just picked it.

  • Wash the leaves – Put the leaves in a sink of cold water and carefully wash off all dirt and grass. Put in colander to drain.
  • Chop the leaves – I didn’t do this last year, and I was sorry. While the spinach tasted great, it was a bit stringy. I chopped them into about 1-inch squares.
  • Blanch – Bring a big pot of water to boil and place one colander full of leaves into the water for two minutes.
  • Ice water bath – Submerge in ice water for another two minutes.
  • Place in colander in a large bowl or pot and let drain for a few minutes.
  • Put into freezer bag that is labeled and dated.

One colander full equals two servings and fits perfectly into a freezer sandwich bag. It’s fine if some water is in the bag – it’s probably better for the spinach.

blanching spinach

blanching spinach



12 thoughts on “Freezing Spinach

  1. I just downloaded your book for free Thank you!! I am going to try several of your recipes. Really enjoyed reading your book. My husband is like your Robert our veggie garden is his passion. We have 6 raised beds but they are full year round with various produce. It’s so nice to walk outside and pick fresh produce as needed. We plant ~ he maintains them and I preserve them. Last year I canned stewed tomatoes & made relish from our zucchini & yellow squash. I freeze a LOT of zucchini can’t stay ahead of that plant! Tomorrow is my day for canning pickled beets and I may use your recipe its very similar to the one I had chosen. As you stated its a lot of work & not cost effective but the satisfation of opening that jar is so worthwhile.


    • Thank you for downloading the book. I need to get some reviews up for it so if inclined please leave a review on amazon. Your gardening life sounds a bit like ours. I’ll be freezing peas any day now. I think I’ll have one more batch of spinach to freeze and then it’s done. Happy eating and preserving.


    • We have to because we couldn’t possibly eat all that we produce. Today the last of it gets harvested. Last year I had 40 bags but this year we’ll be lucky to hit 20. Maybe my hubby has cut back.


  2. Really enjoyed your zucchini squash cheese bake recipe! My squash was piling up good way to use it. Next I want to try your herb bread. I have some basil that needs to used.


    • I love that recipe. Your squash is in? That’s great. Ours isn’t there yet. I made pesto today because my basil is a little out of control. Be sure to see the recipe for that, too. I put the pesto in quinoa and then put in refrigerator for a chilled salad. It tasted great even before the flavors settled in.


  3. Baked the zucchini herb bread this am before it got too hot here in Northern California…yummy yummy!! Will try the pesto recipe next we love basil recipes.


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