Clothes to Help the Environment

Hello – I received an email from fellow blogger Betsy Wild over at What’s Green With Betsy?  She shared with me a very worthwhile project by her daughter, Amy Wild. Please visit her Kickstarter site to help fund her environmentally wise fashion project.

Here’s Betsy’s message:

“My daughter is a sustainable fashion designer.  Her clothing line is called Where Clothes and her mission is to protect the environment and support an ethical industry. Her line helps renew some of the 90 million pounds of clothes that end up in landfills each year. The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters, and uses the second largest amount of water compared with all industries. But as the climate changes, so too will trends. Where Clothes expects to lead others in distilling the concept of design to its creative element: to take what we already have and create something new. By basing all aspects of her line from her Vermont studio, Where Clothes also avoids outsourcing to other countries where unfair labor and dangerous working conditions are rampant.

Her clothes are adorable, fun and flirty. They look and feel great on the body.  She sews everything herself using vintage, antique, and recycled materials. The demand for her clothes is growing, so she launched a Kickstarter campaign to hire an assistant to help put the designs from a current lookbook collection into small, locally-based production. You can check out her video here:

If she is able to reach her funding goal, she will be able to continue to push fashion forward in an earth-friendly and ethical manner. Please help Where Clothes spread the word! Thank you for your support.”

Thanks for sharing, Betsy. I’ve already made a donation and hope this post helps bring more attention to a very worthwhile project.

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