Turn Earth Day into Earth Year

First signs of spring

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

This week we celebrate the forty-third anniversary of Earth Day. The original Earth Day came as a reaction to several events that occurred in the preceding year: an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara and a river catching on fire in Ohio. Today we need to remember more than ever because oil spills still occur and reckless and thoughtless companies still dump bad stuff into our water. As individuals there are many things we can do in our lives so we make it Earth Day every day.

Recently, a friend visited us from Michigan. We showed her our simple compost system (see my blog post from 2012 composting), and I gave her some hints how to make it as easy as possible to turn kitchen scraps into black gold for her plants. We sent her home with three tomato plants as the start for her first garden. She plants flowers in her yard, but has never grown vegetables. I heard from her last week. She reported she’d started the compost bin in her kitchen and she was putting the plants out in the sun every day while she waited for Michigan’s winter to end.

It doesn’t take much to start living a life of conscious behavior to our earth. Granted, those three little tomato plants won’t stop global warming, but it’s something toward living a more earth friendly life.

I know in my life, one act begets another. I started decades ago with a tiny compost container and a couple of tomato plants on the roof of an apartment in Ann Arbor. Today I am a willing partner with my husband in growing a garden way beyond our stomachs and our freezer. I used to recycle cans, now I recycle everything that’s allowed at the recycle center. I never thought much about driving to the store on a whim. Now I make sure I have a list when I go, and I lump errands into groups depending on where they are located. There are some days when I never leave my house. I’ve taken small steps, but each of those steps has brought me further along until the things I do today are an ingrained part of my life.

I hope that by next spring we can give our friend in Michigan a few more plants.

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April 23

Words Unlimited features my guest post on how I came to write Trails in the Sand on Back Story page. Words Unlimited is a lovely blog dedicated to writing and writers.

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