Spring(?) Garden Update

lettuce and tomatoes - March 7, 2013
lettuce and tomatoes – March 7, 2013

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

Spring sprung more than ten days ago, yet we’re stymied by cold temperatures. Seeds sprouted a month ago are now seedlings growing under lights in our family room. But I can tell they are yearning, as we are, for the warmer days and nights of spring, for the sunshine to heat the earth, and for soil large enough to spread their roots.

onions - March 30, 2013
onions – March 30, 2013
Tomato seedlings - March 30, 2013
Tomato seedlings – March 30, 2013

The onions should be in the ground by now or at the very least, they should be outside getting sunlight for a portion of the day. My husband has been putting them out for brief periods but the temperatures are still too cold for any type of sustained sun bathing.

The soil for spinach needs preparation. They’ll be ready to go into the ground as soon as the weather cooperates.

But it is the peas that has my husband most churned up right now. He sprouts seeds on an old cookie sheet and covers them with several layers of damp paper towel. He has one try all ready to plant, which he intended to do this past weekend. Then we heard the weather report for the first week of April: nighttime temperatures hitting 25 degrees. He said he’d put them in the ground even with predictions of 30 degrees, but 25 is too low. He sprouted another set this past week because he’s fairly certain the ones already sprouted won’t last until he can put them in the ground. He put the tray in the basement, hoping to slow down the process.

peas ready to plant on March 30, 2013
peas ready to plant on March 30, 2013

We’re learning to be flexible with the unpredictable weather patterns of recent years. It’s not always easy, especially when we’re as eager for the warmer temperatures as the plants stretching for light right before our eyes.

garlic is the only thing growing in the garden so far this spring
garlic is the only thing growing in the garden so far this spring

How’s the weather in your part of the world? And how’s your garden growing?

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10 thoughts on “Spring(?) Garden Update

  1. Here in Central Massachusetts we are suffering the same frustrations, the last of the snow on my garden finally melted yesterday. The ground is too wet to till and prep so looks like it will be another week or two before planting will start. I was hoping to have my radish, spinach, lettuce and sugar snap peas in this week but unfortunately won’t. I sure hope the weather warms up soon! I cannot wait to get out and garden! This winter was too long!


    1. I agree 100%. They are saying after the patch of cold over the next 24, we should be on a warming trend. My husband did get the first of the peas in this weekend but he’s not sure they’ll make it through the low temps last night and tonight. He also put in radishes in the same row. We shall see. Right now, we’re overflowing our den with plants yearning to be outside as much as we are. Good luck with your garden and thanks for letting me know.


  2. Can you come hang out in my garden? Gosh…I can’t even get to the weeding, never mind growing actual sustaining substances! This puts me to shame. I hope you get to plant your peas soon…


    1. I wouldn’t be doing this without the skills and hard work of my husband who’s been doing it for so long, it’s just as much a part of him as breathing. He did put in the first batch of peas this past weekend, but we’re not sure of the outcome. That’s why another batch is sprouting as I write.


  3. We finally had some nice weather this weekend and I was able to plant my peas. Today it feels like winter is back, though it’s supposed to warm up again by the end of the week. I really hope this is the last of the cold weather!


    1. Sounds like the weather here. Robert went ahead and planted the first pea sprouts too. But it went down to 25 last night. We’re supposed to warm by Thursday. Fingers crossed.


  4. We’ve had a roller coaster of a ride with the temps here in Indy too: mid-20’s to mid-60’s. I never know what to wear!!! It looks like they are predicting no rain (or snow) for the next week. I hope we don’t have another drought like last year. I’m going to be growing cilantro, rosemary from seed, and onion chives besides whatever comes back by itself in my garden. I went looking for composted chicken manure today but neither Meijer nor Menards had it : – ( Everytime I find something I like, they stop stocking it! Aaaarrgh!


    1. Our weather forecasters keep saying we’ll be in spring by Thursday. We have to go to a small landscaping place for the mushroom manure. I prefer that anyway because it’s local.


  5. We are finally starting to get some good gardening weather here in Central California. I planted beets a couple of weeks ago and plant to plant some squash and cucumbers in the next few days. I will probably wait a couple of weeks to plant tomatoes however. I haven’t posted in my garden blog in quite some time. I’m anxious to get back to it.


    1. Good to hear from you! I was just wondering how your garden was going. Our weather is supposed to break by tomorrow, we hope. I look forward to seeing your blog.


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