What is the solution? I tend to buy bottled water when I travel, but when I can I bring my stainless steel containers and fill from a gallon of bottled water. I don’t drink from the tap despite the testing. Ours damages our water faucets over time so why would I drink that? We have spring water delivered once a month to our home. I’m curious about others thoughts on this subject.


I have always struggled with the issue of bottled water; my views of the issue change regularly.  I don’t have a definitive solution or answer to the issue, just a lot of ideas. There’s been a lot of research done recently on the water drinking habits of Canadians.

First, I think it is important to separate the issue into two parts — the package (the plastic bottle), and the product (the actual water).  Understandably, most people reject the notion of water — a basic human right — being considered a product, but just bear with me.

The Package

The vast majority of bottled water is sold in plastic bottles #1 PET (polyethylene terephthalate).  Plastic bottles #1 is one of the easiest items to recycle, with a large percentage being recycled into polyester fabric material.  These bottles are accepted in Halton’s Blue Box program.

From a recycling perspective, there is no…

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  1. Like you, I use bottled water when I travel, and once in a while at work because I can’t carry my own bottle around. And I feel guilty about it. I think we need more public places that encourage filling up personal bottles. And recycling receptacles available when we have no other choice. I do drink tap water at home. I mainly go by taste.


    • I feel guilty too on those rare ocassions when I have to buy bottled water. I like the suggestion for more recycling bins in places like hospitals, stadiums, and any place that sells the water in bottles.


  2. Great reblog! At home my family and I drink tap water through a Brita filter, but I do struggle with the plastic-recycling dilemma of water bottles. Thanks for sharing. Gina


    • We use Britta filters for washing vegetables and making coffee and the spring water for drinking. It is difficult to always know what to do, but the point is we’re conscious of our actions. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. We have poor drinking water in Indiana. It has a very high mineral content. I use a Brita pitcher and use that water for my working out water which I put in a metal bottle, and for most other kitchen uses like pasta water or vegetable-cooking water. Consequently, I’m filling that pitcher up all day long! I drink a lot of water too. Having said all that, our water rates are going to go up because they are planning (a government command) to update our water system. I miss the great water I grew up on from the NYC mountains! I used to buy spring water but after all the media attention to that, I decided I’d rather leave the filtering up to myself and Brita. This is a good but sad topic in that so many don’t have access to safe drinking water and, who knows, we may not be far behind.


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