The Phipps Conservatory – Pittsburgh Gem

blown glass by Seattle artist Dale Chihuly is displayed throughout the Phipps

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

Whenever I need cheering up, I visit the Phipps Conservatory in Oakland near downtown Pittsburgh. Last month, I went the day after Sandy hit our area and visited the mum show there. Since, I’m recovering from the flu and getting ready for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some of the beauty I saw on my visit  rather than writing a post today.

More than 100 years old, the Phipps began an expansion in 2000, which eventually incorporated energy efficiency and sustainable conservation into the multi-year plan.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you. I’m grateful you read my blog and even more grateful when you leave a comment. Do you have a place you go to when you need a little cheer on a dreary day?

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