Fall Garden Update

Ghostly Garden

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

The garden looks as if it’s been decorated for Halloween, but that’s not the case. We’re receiving some early frosts here in western Pennsylvania, and the last two nights, my husband has gone out and covered the tomato plants, which are still producing.

green tomatoes in October after a frost

red tomatoes ready for sauce after the frost


The tomatoes aren’t coming in as fast as they once were so the 2012 canning season is officially over. However, last week I made a fresh batch of sauce with them. Last night my husband picked another batch so I probably can make some more in a day or so. I read somewhere about slicing the green tomatoes and rolling them in cornmeal and then freezing them. They’re ready to make fried green tomatoes. I’ll let you know if I decide to try that.

We still have potatoes and beets in the ground ready to eat whenever we want them. Tonight I plan on making scalloped potatoes – one of my favorite comfort winter foods.

beets ready to pull

I’m still not sure where summer went but the pantry and freezer are full of the products from our garden. We’re hoping this early cold weather will be gone in a few days – just enough to zap the stink bugs crowding around our doors and windows. As I wandered around the yard this afternoon, I was heartened to see that my flowers stood up to the cold.

cosmos and dahlias after the frost

second year mum

Remnants of summer remain as the leaves turn gold and orange on the distant hills.

bees still buzzing

How’s your garden doing?

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12 thoughts on “Fall Garden Update

  1. Such pretty colors! I picked the last of my tomatoes yesterday and it’s a good thing. I had a frost last night and my vines are kaput! The tomatoes I had this year were especially tasty. I’m going to save some seeds and plant them next summer.


    1. Good for you. That’s what my husband does, too. But I have to help him get things labeled better. This year we gave away all of our cherry tomato plants! I’m not sure how many of those of the vine will ripen. I may be perfecting green tomato dishes soon.


      1. They all ripen. I put all my green tomatoes in a bowl on the dining room table. It takes a while, but they all ripen I’m happy to say!


    1. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the work last week and wondered how to convince my husband to move into a condo (just for a minute). Thanks for the reminder that I would miss it all. And he would be miserable.


  2. WHAT…an impressive garden. And stupendous photography. I’d love to see some 640px right here inna blog they are so great. I am impressed with your green thumbi-ness (lol) but really. Do you eat the beet greens, too? I think they are some of the seetest greens around–and go great in a gastrique with some shallots and (humanely raised) bacon.


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