Fall Flowers

Once upon a pond

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

As summer fades into fall, the flowers continue to bloom. We inherited a small pond with our house, but the pond was not visible from the house or even the yard. It didn’t make sense to us, and we couldn’t keep the maple trees’ dropping from clogging up both the oxygen and the pump. Chopping down the maple trees was never an option, but filling in the pond was. I planted annuals in there this summer, but hope to get some wildflower seeds in the ground in late fall. Maybe next year the “once upon a pond” will be bursting with wildflowers.

sunflower as bird feeder

Sunflowers grace the edge of our vegetable garden. Right now the bees are drunk on their pollen, but within a few weeks, the birds will be munching on their seeds. We never know what we’re going to get when we plant the sunflowers, but each year the color and variety surprise and delight us.

We plant annuals in the front of the house, alongside all the inherited landscaping plants. Some of the choices made by the former owners make no sense such as planting dozen of hosta plants in full sun. They look fantastic for about one week in early spring, and then the sun turns them brown and yellow. Slowly, I plan to replace them with full sun-loving plants. We like to plant marigolds because they are easy to start from seed, and they bloom all through the summer and fall. This year we added dahlias. Most of the plants survived the extreme heat and drought of our summer.

dahlias and marigolds started from seed

Last year we had lots of zinnias, but this year none of the seeds took. However, some volunteers popped up out front along with two tomato plants (we used compost under the mulch). We usually pull out the tomato volunteers, but this year we had some empty spots and decided to see what happens. There are little tomatoes on the plants. We might be able to have fresh tomatoes through October – since it’s only two plants, covering them shouldn’t be too difficult if we do get an early frost.


Someone gave us a packet of cosmos seeds so my husband gave them a try. They’ve been a beautiful addition to the front yard this year.

cosmos gift

I savor these final days of summer, and with a little help from our flowers, fall will be welcomed with color and beauty as the days flutter by.

the original flutter by


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4 thoughts on “Fall Flowers

  1. We move from a mountain in Arizona to a house in Ohio with many, many trees. If I could do it over, I wouldn’t have bought a house with so many trees. They are so much work.


    1. They’re beautiful, but I agree they bring a lot of work to a yard. We’ve got three old maples in the backyard that are gorgeous in the spring and summer but when the leaves change they are a listless yellow. That was a disappointment, and we still have to rake the leaves! At least we make use of the leaves in the garden. Thanks for dropping by, Judi.


      1. Pine trees are the way to go. No falling leaves, just some pretty pine cones once in a while, and they stay green all year around!


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