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ABC News reported that there is a link between the antibiotics that conventionally raised chickens receive as a standard item in their diet and the increasing number of urinary tract infections in women that are not easily controlled. The bacteria (e-coli ) has become resistant to typical antibiotic treatment.

Why are antibiotics a part of conventional chicken farming? Antibiotics have been used since the late 1940s to help offset disease in the overcrowded conditions found in conventional chicken houses.  One unexpected side effect of using antibiotics was that the birds actually grew faster.  With the birds growing faster, they can be processed at a younger age, reducing costs. Those reduced costs, however, are only to the corporations who own the farms, not to the consumers.

When the mainstream news industry begins to report issues like this it is because the public interest has indicated a strong trend that people are concerned.  Please help spread the…

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  1. Gets you thinking about what you put into your body…at least it has gotten me thinking. And you know what? The other benefit to eating local pastured chickens instead of the grocery store ones is that the pastured chicken tastes better!!!


    1. You are so right. I buy “Amish” chicken at our local market, but don’t know enough about it. I always assumed they were raised in a more natural manner. I’m also spending more on cage-free eggs because I think those make a difference as well. Any suggestions on how I find local farmers here in western PA?


  2. I don’t buy as much chicken as I used to, and almost always by organic. And I buy cage-free eggs, too.Funny – I grew up on a chicken farm and never thought about those things!


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