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Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way


Mitch Albom is a columnist for the Detroit Free Press.  He is also the author of several best selling books.  Do you remember hearing about, or perhaps reading his first book Tuesdays with Morrie?


Yesterday Mitch’s Free Press column was titled Pills-a-poppin’:  Our medication nation.  The title informs us of the content.


Mitch wrote about a recent experience his eighty three year old father had.  Mr. Albom suffered a medical emergency. The doctors he visited at the hospital were amazed that he wasn’t on a multitude of medications.  Mitch and his Dad were amazed by the doctors’ amazement!  They learned that the average American fills twelve prescriptions a year and most medicine cabinets are filled with little brown bottles.  This hospital experience with his Dad inspired Mitch to investigate the use of medications in America and in Sunday’s paper he told us that we are…

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