In the Garden July

By P.C. Zick @PCZick

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer and the living is not quite as easy as you might think! Despite our lack of rain, the garden is still doing its thing. We’re watering about twice a week and hoping for the best. Here’s a glimpse for today, July 7.Who’s that lurking in the garden behind the tomato stakes?It’s the man responsible for all this! He’s picking beans.Tomatoes getting ready to explode!It’s very odd that we’re getting peas now in this hot weather. They just started producing in the past two weeks. We’re eating them every night. I’ve frozen a few bags (nothing like last year), and I hope to put up a little bit more before they say, “Wait, a second. . .we’re not supposed to like the dry, hot weather.”I thought this was a banana pepper plant, but it’s not turning yellow. Anyone know what it might be?This is the first year for our raspberry plants. I don’t think we’ll get many on this round. Also they don’t taste very sweet. A couple of the plants may produce in the fall. My husband assures me next year they’ll taste like the raspberries of my childhood!

That’s it from here, reporting live from Raccoon Township, PA. How’s your garden growing?

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17 thoughts on “In the Garden July

    1. Hi Holly – We love it here because we have a rural lifestyle but neighbors within view. And when we want the city, downtown Pittsburgh is 45 minutes away. We also have the Ohio and Beaver rivers close by. We actually live on a ridge above the Ohio. I’m new here so I’m not sure where Curwensville is. Is it northeast PA?


  1. BEAUTIFUL! It was so hot down here all our plants are already finished, can you believe it? And the bugs got most of that produce. It was extremely frustrating and disheartening, but I’m not giving up. Maybe next year…


    1. Where are you? I lived in north Florida for 30 years; we didn’t even try for a garden in the summer. I always tried to have my tomatoes done by the end of June. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. We’re 45 min. north of Jacksonville, on the border of GA. I wish I’d talked to you before we planted, but there was a community garden and they claimed they harvested well into July, even late August. Hmmm….well, no one did this year. I guess you live and learn.


    1. Thank you – we’re at the point where we have to stay on top of it every day. I missed going out there yesterday and so did my hubby. This morning I picked three bats that others might call “zucchini.”


  2. About that green pepper – you were asking if anyone knew what it was….I can’t tell how big or small it is or what stage it’s at but it looks like it could be a Cubanell pepper. They are sweet tasting like Bell peppers but instead of the bell shape, they are elongated. I’ve got some in my freezer – store-bought though. I bought them when I made Chilies Rellenos, (stuffed peppers the Mexican way.)


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