This blog is wonderful – I nominated it for most Inspiring last week. Beth at West Virginia’s Farm to Consumer Connection blog puts it all together in this post.


What is sustainability?

Based on a simple concept that everything we do depends and affects the natural environment, sustainable living helps nurture that environment to keep it healthy for future generations.  If we do not keep the health of the earth in mind, we will end up getting sick along with our environment. If you are concerned about the national economy, take some steps on a personal level and local level to live more sustainably, and the costs to clean up our messes will go down. We hear a lot about how toxic some areas of the earth have become, and I know I feel pretty impotent to help. Then I remember the wonderful expression “Think Globally, Act Locally” and I realize there is much I can do right here in my own home and town.

Stewardship is a word often used when discussing sustainability. When I was a Girl…

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The Sunshine Award

Here’s the third award nomination I’ve received this week. I particularly love this one because of it’s title and it’s image of the Gerber daisy. Thank you My Botanical Garden for the nomination. Your blog rocks!

The award requires expression of gratitude (thank you again, My Botanical Garden), ten things about me, and my ten nominees for the Sunshine Award.

Ten Things I Like To Do:

  1. sing at the top of my lungs in my car
  2. dance at zumba class as if no one is watching
  3. sit on our patio with my husband
  4. kayak
  5. cruise down the Beaver River in our small motorboat
  6. watch the sunset from a boat on Lake Michigan
  7. make homebrew
  8. drink homebrew
  9. watch my flowers grow
  10. write

Ten Blogs that bring SUNSHINE to my life – please check them out!

  1. Thoughts from the Outdoors
  4. Brecon Nomand
  7. A Modern Christian Woman
  8. Lightning Droplets
  9. Olemike’s Blog

Congratulations all.

Versatile Blogger Award

What an incredible week I had last week. I am grateful to fellow blogger, lightningpen, for nominating me for my second award in one week for my blog, Living Lightly on this Earth. These awards are a wonderful way to find out about my other fellow nominees because part of the rules for accepting the award are to thank the blog that made the nomination, reveal seven random things about myself, and recommend fifteen more blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Seven random things about myself – Why this past week rocked more than most:

  1. My e-book Live from the Road was downloaded by more than 7,000 folks on June 15, 2012. I’m stunned.
  2. The print edition of Live from the Road went live last week through create
  3. I saw the sunset over Lake Michigan on Saturday night with two dear friends and the love of my life.
  4. I won three awards for this blog (see my next post!).
  5. Yesterday, my husband received an email from a colleague who was surprised to discover his Father’s Day gift was a book written by me (Two Moons in Africa) – I was pretty amazed as well. How many degrees of separation?
  6. We celebrated my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday with her on Saturday, and she was alert and very happy to be surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  7. I began the second draft of my new novel, Trails in the Sand, and with all the other things swirling around me I managed to produce some new pages last week.

I know this week will rock as well – just look how it’s starting. Now for the fifteen blogs I nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award. I love these blogs because they all write about more than just their platform topic as they impart their wisdom. Check them out!

  1. The Wild Ramp, a local food market
  4. The Passive Voice
  5. The Saintly Writer
  6. The Literary Man
  8. Rebecca Berto – Novel Girl
  10. Left Coast Voices
  11. Hurdles to Happiness
  13. Thriving Pessimist

Nominees, now it’s your turn. And congratulations – I hope your week begins on a high note and continues to soar.


The Inspiring Blog Award

Today when I woke, frustration with many parts of my life filled my head. Where do I start with my second draft of my new novel? How can I improve the abysmal sales record for my newly released novel? I wondered if anyone ever read my blogs or my posts on all the social media sites I’m supposed to be frequenting to build my platform. Yes, Patti’s pity party was about to go into full swing as my chin scraped the top of my desk. I opened my email and saw someone left a comment on my blog.

“If you go to my blog, there might be a nice surprise for you there,” the comment said. So I went to Lightningpen’s Blog, and sure enough I had one of the nicest and best surprises of my short blogging career. Lightningpen’s Blog nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award. Thank you!

Someone does read my blog after all. Maybe all the work isn’t lost into the netherworld of the Internet. Today I move forward with renewed faith and hope that what we do always makes a difference. We might as well make it a good difference.

As a part of the rules for being nominated, I am to write seven things about myself. So here goes:

  1. Both my grandfathers were Methodist ministers.
  2. I played the flute in middle and some of high school. I took lessons in college. And I still own a flute but it mostly sits on a shelf in the spare bedroom.
  3. Until I moved to Pennsylvania, I could describe where I lived by using the back of my hand. Upright it is Michigan, the home of my birth. Inverted it is Florida (the thumb is the Panhandle), where I lived for 30 years before moving to the Pittsburgh area. Not sure what to do with my hand now that I live in a rather square/rectangular state.
  4. My husband and I first fell in love in Michigan when I was seventeen and a senior in high school. He was twenty-two and ready to start his life. He moved to Pittsburgh, and I eventually moved to Florida. We reconnected in 2009 after a thirty-six year separation, and we discovered we still loved one another. Today, we’re still on our honeymoon.
  5. I was once known as the Python Princess when I worked for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. That’s a story for a blog for sure.
  6. My favorite breakfast is cold pizza.
  7. I am the baby in my family. My parents were delighted to finally have a daughter. My brothers were upset because the basketball squad they’d envisioned when they discovered there would be a fifth sibling were squashed. Of course, if it was today, I’d be a part of that team!

And now for the most pleasurable part of this nomination for most Inspiring Blog Award. I am honored to nominate fifteen other blogs for the award. These are the fifteen blogs that most inspire me through their writing, experiences and comments. They are all truly worthy for The Inspiring Blog Award.

  1. Hazy Shades of Me
  2. West Virginia’s Farm to Consumer Connection
  3. Nature’s Place
  5. The Museum of Forgotten Pickles
  6. Everywhere Once
  8. Travels with the Blonde Coyote
  10. Kana’s Chronicles
  11. The Neophyte Writer
  12. Clean Tech Solutions
  13. The Soulsby Farm

Please visit these blogs. I think you’ll like them all because they all have one thing in common. They are passionate about their subject matter and that always makes the very best writing of all.

To the nominees: Now it’s your turn. Please thank me in your acceptance blog, posting my URL. Also, write seven things about yourself (this is fun but gave me pause!). And then choose fifteen more winners and post their URL’s in your blog. And most of all, continue your excellent work that inspires me to get back up and try again. Thank you.

Update on the Ducks

Today when I went for the mail, I noticed the female mallard still sitting on her nest, but a pit bull came into the yard (not sure from where) and disturbed the nesting mother. She came out of the nest and began her quacking and marching around the nest area. She seemed to have it under control so I went to the mailbox. That’s when the dog starting barking and the duck starting flying and off they went. For the rest of the day, the mother never returned to the nest.

When my husband came home from work, I told him about my exciting day here in Raccoon Township (there was also an incident with a rabbit, but I’ll save that for another post). I know he wanted to sit on the patio and drink our newly uncapped Belgian Ale after a hard day’s work, but he humored me and walked to the front yard to check on our little family. The mother still hadn’t returned but the eggs remained.

“Wait, there’s something happening in there,” my husband said as I turned to walk back to the patio. “One of them is hatching.”

Sure enough. I took a few pictures as one emerged and a second one began its entry into the rural world of western Pennsylvania. Then we decided it was time to leave them alone so their mother could return. We turned around and there she was patrolling the yard, looking for pit bull.

My husband and I, married only for two years, are past child-bearing and -rearing days.

“You always wanted to have a child together, now we’ll have seven,” I said as we walked back to our comfortable chairs overlooking the garden.

“That’s it?” my husband. “That was pretty easy.”

I smiled and took a sip of my ale. Easiest labor I ever had.