Garden Update

By P.C. Zick @PCZick and Facebook

The garden is really growing fast now despite our lack of rain. But nature provides and right after I came back inside to post these photos the rain started – our first in two weeks. It gently laps at my window pane as I type.

Last night, we grilled zucchini, small onions and potatoes and steamed green beans. Everything but the potatoes came from the garden, but my husband assures me we’ll be rolling in spuds very soon. He brought in some yellow squash too but I didn’t have room for that on the grill so we’ll have that tonight.

He also brought in two more zucchinis so I better get the zucchini relish recipe out and start thinking about putting up some jars of that. I’ll post the recipe and process when I do.

The tomato plants are outrageously big and green. I’m resting a bit right now because within a month I’ll be up to my bangs in toms ripening on the windowsill and waiting to be plopped into my boiling cauldron of herbs and peppers and onions. Or the best of all – sliced for a fresh tomato sandwich! The tallest plants below are a variety called potato tomato – you can tell them apart from the rest by the big leaves that look just like a potato plant.

The first tomatoes are beginning the work of turning red on the vine – slowly, but always deliciously.We’re also eating peas – a handful at a time. We just didn’t get the crop that we did last year.

How’s your garden growing this year?

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12 thoughts on “Garden Update

    1. Nothing at all more gratifying, I agree! It’s hard work, but all worth it (somewhat like having a baby). My husband put the garden in early this year because of our mild winter and warm spring here in western PA so I think that’s why we’re ahead.


  1. Your garden looks great! The tomatoes and squash are only just beginning to flower here, so we’ll be eating lots of greens for at least a few more weeks!


  2. I usually have until the end of July to worry about tomatoes but I don’t think that will be the case this year. I was looking back at the last time I posted photos two weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how much has been happening out there! Eating greens is good too. We still have lots lettuce and another load of spinach went in the frig last night.


    1. Our tomatoes don’t produce until the end of July, sometimes early August. Then they go nuts. Last year summer in Portland didn’t start until August 5th, and went all the way through August 16th!


      1. Vince, my daughter lived in Portland for five years, but moved back to Florida last September. She always had a difficult time determining the right growing season while there. She had some success, but I remember a year or two where she didn’t have any tomatoes. I lived in Florida for 30 years, so now I’m adjusting to a whole other world here in PA.


      2. I think it was four years ago that we had only 4 tomato plants and about 6 peppers, and they flooded us with goodies. Last year we grew 10 tomato plants and 12 peppers, and didn’t get much of a crop.


  3. What a delightful blog! I just found you through Linkedin. I love your garden and it sounds like you have a lot growing right now. My garden is doing well! I can’t wait for my tomatoes to come in- but like you I will be flooded with them once they are ripe. 🙂
    Gardens and nature has been the theme on my blog this week- so this was a perfect stop.


    1. Thanks, Jess. I’ll visit your blog. I love to hear how others are doing. I have a crisper full of zucchini, spinach (I keep saying we’re done and then my husband finds some that hasn’t gone to seed yet), and lettuce. I love it all!


  4. Thanks! This is the calm before the storm. I bought one more book on preserving today. I haven’t been satisfied with what I have. Perhaps that means I need to write my own book!?


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