By P.C. Zick@PCZick

Have some fun today and take a trip down Route 66 – guaranteed to keep the wind blowing through your hair!

P.C. Zick

By P.C. Zick@PCZick

Win a free copy of Live from the Road in today’s Route 66 Trivia Tuesday Contest.Completion of Route 66 in 1926 signified a direct route from Chicago to L.A. for more than 2,000 miles (some records say 2,200, but I’ve seen 2,400). Along the way, odes to the Mother Road can still be found in the Route 66 Rabbit Farm in southern Illinois and the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Oklahoma and the Lizard Rodeo Lounge in New Mexico. And there is so much more, much of it seen by the characters in the novel.

Be the first to comment with the correct answers to these three questions and I’ll gift you with a copy of the book on Kindle.

1) Who coined the phrase “Mother Road?”

2) How many states does Route 66 go through?

3) List the states.

That’s it! If you…

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