Raspberries and Spinach

By P.C. Zick@PCZick

We spent Memorial Day weekend trying to get all the plants in the ground. My husband started all the plants from seeds beginning in February. Some of those original seedlings traveled from Key West all the way back to our home near Pittsburgh encased in wet paper towels and held in plastic containers in our luggage. All survived the journey.

Today, I put out all the plants we were unable to get into the ground, including tomatoes and zucchini ready to bust out of their pots. Our mail delivery woman decided she would take them all.

We froze another 16 bags of spinach on Saturday (bringing total to 28). You can read about my freezing process in my blog from last week. That’s probably about all I’ll freeze this year. Many of the plants have already gone to seed. But some of the older variety of flat-leafed spinach are resisting our heat and dryness and still putting food on the table. Last night we had a big pot of steamed spinach. We may have another couple of weeks to enjoy those fresh treats.

Robert created a 25′ x 4′ spot to plant 11 raspberry plants. We have several varieties and five of them may be providing fruit by June.

Four more tomato plants went in bringing total to 14. He saved back four more from the give away table, which he’ll plant this week.

It’s been back-breaking work in the heat, but we’re hoping it rains today. The thunder is rumbling outside as I write this blog.We’ve been recycling all our water to use on the plants, but we’re still having to water (sparingly, of course).

Joyce, our mail deliverer, offered to pay for the plants. I told her our payment was giving these plants to a good home. It’s good to eat local even if the seeds sprouted in the Florida Keys!

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2 thoughts on “Raspberries and Spinach

  1. I’m glad you were able to find a good home for your leftover plants. I had way too many tomato plants. This weekend I gave a few to my brother but I still have more that need homes!


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