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All right, environmentalists: I think it’s time for us to come clean.

We don’t belong to a select club of pious treehuggers. We don’t live at the top of an ivory–er, green–tower, studying the unsustainable masses below with disdain.

We don’t have perfect environmental records. We’ve engaged in all kinds of unsustainable behaviours in the past. Even since the day we realized how urgent humanity’s environmental problems are–and started trying to persuade others to be more green as a result–we still do things that are harmful to the environment.

We’re hypocrites.

And we’re not the only ones. Take the Occupy Wall Street movement, for example–it’s full of hypocrites. Occupiers criticize corporations, yet they also support them, by using smartphones sold by corporations, wearing clothes made by corporations, coordinating through corporate-owned social media, etc.:

And don’t worry–just because I’m the one currently pointing this out doesn’t mean I think I get…

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