Not Popeye’s Spinach

By P.C. Zick@PCZick

Last night, we ate spinach freshly picked from our garden. My husband went out an hour before dinner and came back with a load of freshly picked leaves, which he steamed for just a few minutes. If you’ve never tasted spinach this fresh, then you’re missing  a tremendous eating experience. I closed my eyes as I ate each bite, savoring its sweetness.

Soon we will have so much spinach, I’ll have to blanch it and put away in freezer bags for the winter. It won’t taste quite as fresh but it certainly will taste better than anything Popeye managed to toss back to manufacture his strength.

Many folks may not know this, and it might not be polite to mention, but I will. Spinach is a great digestive cleanser. I’m feeling quite refreshed this morning.

We’re off to a great start this gardening season.

How’s your garden growing?

4 thoughts on “Not Popeye’s Spinach

  1. I planted spinach last fall so that we could have an early spring harvest and I’m so glad I did! I only wish I had planted more of it. It’s been such a treat to be eating from the garden so early in the season. This fall I’ll be sure to plant twice as much!


    • You planted in the fall for spring harvest? Did you just put the seeds in the ground in the fall? I’m intrigued. My husband started seeds indoors a month or so ago and then put out the seedlings in mid-April. How early did you get the spinach in the spring?


      • I wish I could remember where I found this information, but I read that you can direct sow spinach seeds in the fall and I decided to give it a try. It will start growing a little bit in the fall and the plants will actually survive the winter and will begin growing again as soon as the snow melts. We had an unusually mild winter, and the spinach was green and healthy looking right through, but from what I understand it should even survive a typical winter (the leaves may eventually die back but it will regrow from the crowns.) I started harvesting in early April. A lot of people also direct sow in late winter, and it will start growing as soon as the ground starts to thaw.


  2. I’ll be sure to pass along to my husband. Thanks. The sooner we can start eating it, the better. We ate the last batch of what I froze sometime in mid-March.


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